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Lilli Engle

Lilli Engle is the director of the American University Center of Provence. She was raised both in the US and Europe, during the early 1980s she decided to move to Europe indefinitely with her two children and twelve suitcases. She founded the AUCP in 1984 which is a study abroad program geared towards providing full emersion courses to American students. Not only do students take classes in French they are not allowed to speak anything but French while they are attending. They live with host families and take notes with in the language. In this way Lilli has created a unique study abroad program that is full emersion with the goal was to educate the French public as well as immerse American students in a new world. Lilli is also the former president of the world’s largest home exchange network, HomeLink International, uniting representatives from 50 countries. She is also an accomplished conference speaker and has written articles for educational journals such as Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad as well as the essay collection Rockin’ in Red Square: Critical Approaches to International Education in the Age of Cyberculture. Through this Lilli has shown that she is a powerful, hands on, and innovative educator and sees the future in globalization and cultural meshing.