Jaentra Gardener

Jaentra Gardener was diagnosed in 1977 with multiple sclerosis. She left no stone unturned in exploring any method that might help her overcome this debilitating illness. Since then she not only received, but also studied numerous therapies and techniques, such as massage, acupressure, and reflexology. She healed herself. She incorporated her experience and her studies in the numerous methodologies into a complementary medicine called Three Heart Balancing. In 2000, she founded Healing Hands Network to inspire, educate, and help people embrace healing as an option to help them achieve health. She believes that healing is a gift for all of us like the sun, moon, and stars and that anyone who wishes to learn can do so. Her vision makes healing available for everyone who wishes to receive. She sees a healing coach in every household and workplace which means people helping people stay functional and in optimal health. She’s host of Healing Journeys on http://SQR.FM.