Carmen Alexe

Carmen Alexe is an Investor, Real Estate & Finance Consultant in Atlanta. She grew up in a communist/totalitarian country where individual rights were never on the government’s agenda. She escaped to freedom when she was 18. She chose freedom because she didn’t want a government to dictate how she should live her life. She became interested in Economics in 2008 after reading Ron Paul‘s book “The Revolution, a Manifesto,“ and is an Austrian economics proponent. Coming from a country without individual freedom or respect for private property, she recognized the direction America was taking after the 2008 elections. She has an entrepreneurial mind and found out that knowing more about economics would help her be a better investor and a better adviser for others. She believes that every investor should know about – and recognize the symptoms – of the Boom/Bust economic cycles. It will help them strategize better. You can follow her blog at