Gail Fisher-Taylor

Gail Fisher-Taylor, along with her two sons, Kerr Wattie, and Skye Wattie, is a founder of Kilometres for Communication,, a national awareness and fundraising campaign about empowering the voices of people who, because of disabilities, must communicate in ways other than with typical speech. Inspired by his brother Kerr, who usually travels in a wheelchair and speaks with blinks and a communication device, Skye launched this coast to coast cycling journey on Vancouver Island. Gail drives the support vehicle as Skye cycles, sometimes accompanied by Kerr in a bike trailer. They’re meeting with people who communicate in a variety of ways, and are speaking at awareness and fundraising events as they travel across Canada. Gail has been a psychotherapist in private practice for more than 20 years and, prior to that, she was an editor/publisher. She is passionate about voice, inclusion and accessibility for all people with disabilities.