Charlotte  Gerson

Charlotte Gerson

Charlotte Gerson is the youngest of Dr. Max Gerson’s three daughters, and the one who took the most active interest in continuing his legacy of healing and restoring life to so many declared “hopeless” or “terminal” by conventional medicine.

After Dr. Gerson’s death in 1959, Charlotte continued publishing his book, eventually selling more than 250,000 in many languages around the world. In 1978, Charlootte co-founded the Gerson Institute and provided the knowledge for interested physicians in Mexico to found several clinics over the past 30+ years.

Charlotte has authored several books on the Gerson Therapy, including The Gerson Therapy, Healing the Gerson Way, Healing Diabetes: the Gerson Way, Healing Arthritis: the Gerson Way. Several have been translated into a dozen languages or more, and the total tally of Gerson books in all languages now approaches 1 million. Hardly a month goes by without Charlotte being invited to appear on a healing documentary.

Today, at 91 years of age, Charlotte is as active as ever, producing books, lecturing and making bi-weekly rounds at the Mexican Gerson Clinic.

Archived: August 8, 2011. Interview with Charlotte Gerson about the history and power of the Gerson Therapy in healing chronic (“incurable”) diseases for over 75 years. September 12, 2011. Howard Straus and Charlotte Gerson speak about the Gerson Therapy, successes with chronic illness, and invite questions from listeners.