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Undraye Howard

Undraye Howard is the Vice President of Intellectual Capital at the Alliance for Children and Families with primary responsibility in creating, supporting, developing and delivering knowledge, products and services that moves the human services sector forward primarily for its membership. The Alliance is a national membership association of nonprofit child and family serving agencies across America. Prior to joining the Alliance, Undraye served as the Executive Director for a nonprofit human service organization and also operated his own business as a leadership consultant to a number of nonprofit human service organizations, providing leadership development consultation, coaching, training and organizational development as well as race and diversity training and awareness. Undraye has a bachelor's degree in business and marketing; a master's degree in communication with special interest in training and development; and currently is pursuing his doctoral degree in urban studies, with a focus on human services, race and social systems from the University of Wisconsin. Undraye also serves on several boards to include Strengthening Wisconsin Families and Children, Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative as well as several other human service organizations.