Jon Marek

Mr. Jon Marek has a BBA accounting degrees from Texas A&M, and an MBA specialized in banking. He was an Accountant and Financial Analyst at Enron Corp. then joined the U.S. Navy to pursue his lifelong dream to fly. He is currently a U.S. Navy Contractor and Reserve Officer, engaged in naval aviation training. Through independent research, Marek set out to understand “What Is Money?” That drew him to intellects like Murray Rothbard, Edwin Vieira Jr., Garet Garrett, Benoit Mandelbrot, and Nassim Taleb. Recognizing the central bank as the heart of monetary structure, he focused his attention to the mechanics of the Fed. He studied many Fed documents. Two were key: “Modern Money Mechanics” and “The Federal Reserve System: Purposes and Functions.” In 2009, he created his blog “Economic Crisis Watch” which helps individuals understand what the Fed is really doing as opposed to their public statements. Go to: to follow Fed policy and U.S. money supply.