Stephen  Lee

Stephen Lee

Steve Lee, founder of Kombucha Wonder Drink, is a humble student of tea, its culture and its restorative effects. He’s the co-founder of two successful tea brands, Stash Tea and Tazo. On a trip to Russia in the 1990s an elderly woman shared her secret for longevity and vitality – a jar containing a starter from her kombucha culture. The batch she had kept brewing next to her bed dated back to her relatives in Siberia 50 years earlier. With that starter, Steve began brewing small batches of kombucha in his own home. It’s tricky business brewing yourself, but Steve was determined to make a great tasting version of the drink he could share with the millions of people who had never experienced this wonder drink and the sense of well-being it offers. With help from his friends, including microbrewery experts and a microbiologist, an authentic kombucha was finally developed in 2001, and Kombucha Wonder Drink was born.