Bruce Ritchie

Bruce Ritchie is Moderator & CEO, FASLink Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society, and a single father of a son who was diagnosed with FAS as an infant. With early diagnosis and intensive intervention and despite great challenges, his son graduated from high school as an Ontario Scholar and is now studying online for his BA. In 1991, Bruce was a founding director of the Fetal Alcohol Support Network, a branch of which went online with FASlink, now serving more than 400,000 people annually. He received Toronto’s St Michael's Hospital’s Award for Pioneer Work in the Area of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. In 2007, He led the Great FASD Horseback Ride and Trek across Canada. He received Eagle Feathers from First Nations and the Métis Nation Honour Sash in recognition of his work. He is a new technologies entrepreneur, has established precedents in family law and is a published researcher, author, photographer, artist and musician. Visit him at and