Alis Kotler  Panzera

Alis Kotler Panzera

Dr. Alis Kotler Panzera is a women’s health nurse practitioner with 10 years of clinical experience in female urology with an expertise in the management of IC and urinary incontinence. Dr. Panzera earned her Master’s in Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania and her Doctorate of Nursing Practice at Drexel University. Her dissertation looked at sleep quality and IC symptoms. She has written and lectured extensively in areas including IC, overactive bladder, and urinary incontinence. She has presented original research projects on interstitial cystitis and urinary incontinence at various national meetings. She has been a co-investigator on several clinical trials on interstitial cystitis and overactive bladder. Dr Panzera has served on the planning committees for national conferences in women’s health and urology. She currently serves as the Director of Nursing Research at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia.