Helke Ferrie

Medical journalist Helke Ferrie exposes the FDA’s war on vitamins and supplements. Helke Ferrie’s education includes prehistoric, ancient Near Eastern and Greek archaeology, Chinese and Buddhist studies, and a master’s degree in physical anthropology. When Helke became seriously ill in the mid-1990’s with Myasthenia gravis, she learned that standard medicine is not concerned with causation which, in her case, turned out to be mercury amalgam dental fillings and many years’ exposure to DDT while growing up in India. Nor did standard medicine offer her anything beyond symptom control with steroids and other carcinogenic immuno-suppressant drugs, all of which accelerate osteoporosis, leaving her with no meaningful choice between treatment and the disease. When Helke was ill, a brief telephone conversation with internationally renowned toxicologist Dr. Boyd Haley of the University of Kentucky gave her hope of recovery. His information was grounded in sound, verifiable science and precipitated an epiphany for her: that the concept of an “idiopathic” disease (i.e. of no known cause) and incurable is the stuff of illusion, of nightmares, from which we can awake.