Mike Adams

Mike began his mission as the Health Ranger as a response to his own failing health. At 30, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, brought on by poor diet and severe lack of exercise. As a high-powered software executive, extreme levels of stress, cholesterol, depression and back pain were common features of Mike's past. Searching for answers to his health woes, Mike dove into research; he devoured thousands of books on nutrition, pharmaceutical drugs, wellness programs, the politics of food - anything he could find. Mike has made it his life mission to share the most remarkable discovery he has made: the vast majority of all diseases can be prevented and cured without drugs or surgery. And that’s exactly what Mike did. He cured himself of diabetes in a matter of months and transformed himself into the picture of perfect health in mind, body and spirit. When Mike first discovered the life-changing information about health, he thought few people would believe what he was telling them. To be believed, he first had to prove that his own ideas about health were valid. So Mike decided to put them to the test by transforming his physical body into the healthiest patient any doctor had seen.