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Wayne and Cathy Justus

Wayne and Cathy Justus had been raising show-quality quarter horses in California for years, and had a wall full of blue ribbons to show for it, when they decided to move their operation to Pagosa Springs, CO to take advantage of the clean water that would ensure the continuation of their success as breeders. The clean mountain springs and high pastures seemed perfect. Their horses had never had health problems, but that stopped abruptly when Pagosa Springs added silicofluorides to the municipal water supply, the main source of water for the horses. The horses began to display numerous and diffuse symptoms that they were unable to classify, and, worse, baffled their veterinarian. Colic, Cushing’s syndrome, foals dying, mares dying. Eventually, they lost six beautiful show horses and four dogs, and there was no explanation. When they were finally able to prove scientifically that fluoridation had caused the deaths, Cathy became a relentless and effective campaigner against fluoridation. Her first success was getting the poison removed from the water in Pagosa Springs, ending the mysterious illnesses her animals had suffered. Cathy is a now a powerful, passionate and effective opponent of fluoridation, and shares her story generously.