Nicholas Gonzalez

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has been investigating nutritional approaches to cancer and other degenerative diseases since 1981, and has been in practice in New York since 1987. Dr. Linda Isaacs has been working with Dr. Gonzalez in his research and practice since 1985. In their office, they use individualized aggressive nutritional protocols to work with many types of cancer, and with other illnesses such as allergies, autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue. First interested in journalism, Gonzalez developed an interest in medicine, and earned his MD. He became an oncologist, with a position at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, working under Dr. Robert Good, the “Father of American Immunology.” Dr. Gonzalez heard about a dentist named Kelley who had cured himself of pancreatic cancer, and, intrigued, requested permission to do his dissertation on Kelley, good, bad or ugly. Dr. Good approved, and Dr. Gonzalez studied Kelley and his results for two years, producing a stunning monograph endorsing Kelley’s results. His colleagues’ subsequent brutal suppression of his work radicalized Dr. Gonzalez forever. He now continues Kelley’s treatment in New York City.