Melanie  Smith

Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith, one of the most powerful energy medicine teachers, teaches Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ Workshops empowering people to be their own best healers. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Advanced Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, teacher and national speaker. She is an original faculty member of EEM Certification Program, an Energy Medicine for Women Class Instructor, facilitator of the Florida EEM Foundations Program and will be presenting at the International Gathering of EEM in 2012. Dr. Melanie has treated thousands of patients at Well Within Natural Medicine located in St. Petersburg, Florida. She helps people heal complex health issues using a unique fusion of acupuncture, sound healing, oriental medicine, energy medicine, energy psychology, and therapeutic massage bodywork. Melanie is co-author of Energy Medicine: Your Personal Health and Wellness System for Today plus author of charts and a DVD series. website and The link for our FREE eBook “Energy Medicine: Your Personal Health and Wellness System for Today” And our FREE eNewsletter “Energy Medicine for Healthy Living eNews” that we would like to share with all of your listeners.