Risa Hearn

Risa Hearn was transformed through Energy Medicine. She has studied with Donna Eden since 2000 and is an Advanced Practitioner. Risa has been a Faculty member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP) since its inception in 2006. Risa is delighted to take Donna’s work and share it with the world. Risa is innovative and produced a new energy medicine program to strengthen the kidney meridian. Her DVD, The Importance of Balance (Kidney Meridian) in Our Stressed Out (Triple Warmer) World, is available at www.risaenergymedicine.com. A quote from another EEMCP faculty member, “Risa has a heart of gold and a deep knowledge of energy medicine which combine to make her a teacher and practitioner with tremendous compassion and enthusiasm. She is patient and articulate and knows her subject well - from both personal and professional experience.”