JC Sulzenko

JC Sulzenko, ”JC”, known for her work with young or emerging writers, received the Ottawa Public Library’s Order of Friendship in 2010 for outstanding volunteer service as a judge in the annual Awesome Author's contest and as co-editor of the anthologies of winning entries. Her one-act play for children, "What my grandma means to say", pictures Alzheimer’s disease. It’s used by The Alzheimer Society of Ottawa, among others, in outreach programs for young people. The storybook adapted from the play launched at the Ottawa International Writers Festival. It’s available from General Store Publishing House (www.gsph.com). Her poetry and prose have been heard and published in national and local media and on-line. Various chapbooks and anthologies carry her poems. Her books for children, featured at the Ottawa International Writers Festival and at Kid Lit Galas, "Fat poems Tall poems Long poems Small" and "Boot Crazy." More on JC's work: www.jcsulzenko.com. Photo credit: Lois Siegel.