Anne Salter

Anne Salter, LCSW, MFT, CSAT has been working with families, adult individuals and couples, and conducting workshops, retreats, as well as groups for 30 years. Her focus has always been on emotional healing of the self. She specializes in relationship work using family of origin therapy and experiential techniques such as psychodrama, gestalt and family of origin sculpting. She has studied family and group work from many masters, including Virginia Satir, Sharon Wegscheider Cruse and John Heider. Anne Salter is also an addiction specialist, certified by John Hopkins University in 1978. She has taught addiction courses at Barry University, presented addiction seminars around the United States and worked as a consultant to area treatment centers, conducting training for other therapists. She is a certified sex addiction therapist after undergoing training under Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.