Dr. Bill Bonner

Dr. Bill Bonner is Associate Professor at the Paul J. Hill School of Business, University of Regina, Saskatchewan, where he teaches on the subject of management information systems. He received his PhD in Management Information Systems from the University of Calgary. He’s conducted research on privacy for over 10 years. As a privacy advocate he believes that at the core of privacy is the question of respect, and that this is important and worth protecting. He recognizes that privacy interests must be balanced against other interests, but what puzzles him is how unbalanced the balancing act appears to be in practice. He thinks that the scales used to balance privacy expectations against other interests seem to tilt too easily in favour of the other interests. He’s published in the Journal of Business Ethics and Information and Organization, and he has a forthcoming book chapter entitled, The Problem of the “Problem” of Privacy. He’s at http://ow.ly/yOvsW