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IXchel- iX-Chel (pronounced “ee shell”) is the lead starlet of the upcoming film project, Endless Seduction, as well as, the founder of Connect The Spots, LLC. iX-Chel is a Sacred Activist and record- breaking athlete. She believes challenging herself physically, spiritually and emotionally are the core elements of her personal alchemy. A former Nike elite racing team athlete, she finished 11th at the 2008 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) II Track & Field Championships in the 10,000 meters. Inspired by her drive to break records, Claudia, along with her running community, produced the first ever Cal Poly Pomona Kids 1k race, in which elementary kids from three counties in Southern California raced and received medals. She continued to mentor high school runners at Nike’s “Breakfast Club” at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, California.