Brixton Key

Brixton Key was born in Isleworth, England in the 1950s to a party-loving Mum and an errant Dad. Expelled from boarding school, which he attended on a scholarship, Brixton landed a gig with the British music weekly Melody Maker, writing under the name of Mark Plummer. He left for America to manage Chris Isaak in the 1980s, guiding the pop idol and actor’s career as MTV started ruling the airwaves. In the 90's Brixton suffered a life-threatening brain aneurism. After he recovered, on the advice of his stepson he began writing fiction. Brixton lives with his girlfriend Josephine in a downtown San Francisco loft. In the late night hours he reads his favorite authors under skyscraper shadows, and works on his sequel of the Charlie Six trilogy, There Ain't No God Here.