Bart Mindszenthy

Bart Mindszenthy is host of, a community for family members caring for aging parents and other loved ones. He’s co-author of the national best-seller ‘Parenting Your Parents: Support Strategies for Meeting the Challenge of Aging in the Family’, 2002, Dundurn Press, Toronto. In writing it, he drew on personal experience with his elderly parents and listening to hundreds of people deep into eldercare. Since the publication of Parenting Your Parents, he’s addressed numerous audiences and appeared on dozens of radio and television interview and talk shows and national television specials. His recent books are ‘The Family Eldercare Workbook & Planner’ and ‘Aging Parents: 200+ Practical Support Tips from My Care Journey’. He holds a Bachelor of Philosophy degree with a concurrent major in journalism. He’s partner in The Mindszenthy & Roberts Corp., a Toronto firm that specializes in issues and crisis communications management and strategic communications planning.