Robert S. Porter

Dr. Robert S. Porter, an Emergency Physician by specialty, is editor-in-chief of The Merck Manuals. He oversees the staff and over 400 national and international medical specialists in the preparation and publication in print and online of all the Merck Manuals. These include the Merck Manual Home Health Handbook, which translates the professional version into everyday language. He led the transition of The Manuals from print-centric products to a continuously updated online reference source. He’s currently Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University. Prior to joining Merck, he was a member of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia PA. He holds the BA from Duke University and the MD from Hahnemann University, completed his medical internship at the Cleveland Clinic and Emergency Medicine and his residency at Mt. Sinai Medical Center of Cleveland, where he was chief resident in Emergency Medicine.