Barbara Ann O'Leary

Barbara Ann O'Leary is a catalyst for authentic transformation and a strong advocate for dynamic ease. Her deep craving to live in a world where everyone is liberated from distorting energetic patterns and free to bring their authentic gifts fully into manifestation fuels her engagement with clients, students, colleagues, community, and her own creative process. Barbara’s work, a unique expression of her authentic being, is characterized by an earthy, fierce, inventive, exploratory commitment to acting in alignment with what is arising in the moment. Relinquishing the need to control the process or dictate the outcome, she works co-creatively with the energies, allowing authentic transformation to take place sweetly and effortlessly. Barbara is available to step into alliance with individuals and organizations hungry to flourish as their authentic selves. Barbara is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) Practitioner and founding faculty member. Her website is: