Lisa Neumann

Lisa Neumann is president and founder of Competency Coaching, a life and recovery coaching organization that seeks to help not only addicts, but those who love them. She is the founder of The Art of Sobriety Workshops. Workshops designed for both the addict and the codependent in the relationship. Lisa has helped hundreds of men and women regain their integrity and evolve into recovered and productive individuals. Lisa is the author of Sober Identity: Tools for Reprogramming the Addictive Mind. She does a weekly radio program in Panama City, Florida which includes on-air coaching for addicts seeking help with the challenges of recovery and their personal evolution. Lisa currently resides in Southern California with her family. She is a mom, recovered addict/alcoholic, an athlete (most of the time), a pseudo-cook (time and kid’s appetite permitting), and most importantly a trusted friend.