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Judith Hannan

In her emotionally uncompromising memoir, MOTHERHOOD EXAGGERATED, Judith Hannan recounts the ordeal of her young daughter's battle with cancer and how the frightening medical journey tested and strengthened a mother's reliance. Hannon’s book takes readers from diagnosis to remission as eight-year-old Nadia Hannan endures the nightmare of potentially terminal bone cancer, and the entire family weathers the dire interruption in their lives. Told with grace and candor, Judith Hannan's fierce depiction of an unwelcome trial of motherhood is, in the words of novelist Mary Gordon, "a moving, engaging retelling of the complex bonds and tensions every parent experiences in our relationship with our children." Judith Hannan has been a writer for over 25 years; 10 years ago she began exploring personal narrative. Her essays have appeared in such publications as Woman's Day, Twins Magazine, and The Martha's Vineyard Gazette. She teaches writing about personal experience to homeless single mothers and to at-risk adolescents. Ms. Hannan has a long history of involvement in children's education, health and welfare. She served as Director of Development for the 92nd Street Y and then for the Children's Museum of Manhattan. She serves on the board of the Museum as well as on three boards affiliated with the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York-the Adolescent Health Center, the Children's Center Foundation and the new Global Health Initiative.