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SpareParts HardWear

About the company: SpareParts HardWear is a gay owned and multi-community company that believes in quality products as well as a strong drive in high-end customer service, which all help in promoting a positive buying experience. We want you to know that when you purchase anything from SpareParts HardWear, not only are you receiving a quality made, innovative and comfortable product but also you are buying a consciously and ethically manufactured product that was made in the USA. Shaye Saldana is the Brand Manager for SpareParts HardWear via his company STĒME (steem). Shaye has been in the adult industry for about 5 years starting off as the Brand and Sales Manager for LELO. Soon after leaving LELO, he formed his own company, STEME and has been representing national and international brands ever since. His company currently manages 5 brands that are seeing continual growth in the US market as well as international markets. Shaye has since taken STEME from a one person operation to a multi-facetted company offering other industry services such as marketing, graphic design, in-house printing and more!