Elsie Kerns

Elsie Kerns is an Energy Intuitive and Wellness Educator who has been teaching healthy lifestyle options to restore, revitalize and renew one’s passion for life for 20+ years. She is a Certified Energy Medicine for Women Instructor and Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Level Practitioner (2009-2011). Previous educational endeavors include graduation from the 4-year healing science training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing followed by 3-years at the Society of Souls School with Jason Shulman. Personal psycho-spiritual development included the work of spiritual teacher, A. H. Almaas’ Diamond Heart Approach (2000-2007); Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Reiki Mastership. She is cofounder of Wellness Workers Holistic Health Education successfully serving the Philadelphia-New Jersey community since 1995 offering Worksite Wellness, Teleseminars, Energy Medicine Consultations and Private Sessions. Websites: www.wellnesswithelsie.com and www.wellnessworkers.org Voice: 856.435.3427.