Cathy Perrou

Cathy Perrou is president of Cobalt Distribution Company, the exclusive distributor for Double Helix Water in the US and Canada. Cathy was introduced to Double Helix Water in 2009. With the rise in popularity of alternative medicine, Cathy saw a tremendous opportunity with Double Helix Water to help others to improve their health and well-being. With a warm personality and a passion for helping others to lead the healthiest lifestyles, Cathy has helped thousands of medical practitioners to recommend Double Helix Water to their patients. Nothing brings her greater joy than hearing about each patient’s path to well being. Prior to Cobalt, Cathy was a founding partner of Kinko’s Copies, the country’s largest copy/print chain stores. Cathy and her sister opened the first US commercial Kinko’s in 1983. Ultimately, they purchased several Kinko’s in Southern California in the 1990’s. Cathy then served as district manager, overseeing the operations for the top 19 Kinko’s stores in the country.