Velvet Mangan

Velvet Mangan has been a transformational activist in the recovery community focusing her efforts on the healing and wellbeing of young women. She has incorporated her years of life experience and knowledge of women’s suffering and addiction into her mission and ultimately her sense of purpose. Velvet opened her doors and her heart to restore the soul sickness she once suffered from herself years ago and has now developed one of the leading women’s drug and alcohol treatment programs in Southern California, Safe Harbor Treatment Center. By breaking the silence women are so used to enduring in the grips of addiction, Velvet continues to change the stigma and barriers women face day to day. Velvet is an inspiration to young women who walk side by side with her learning what it means to be authentic, to live in ones truth, to live in recovery, to live in sobriety, and most importantly to live in love. To learn more about Velvet and her work visit