Julian Philips

Julian Philips' history in the financial world dates to 1971 when he joined the London Stock Exchange as a member. He specialized in currencies, gold and the "Dollar Premium." After the floating of the US$ and the Pound Sterling, he wrote on gold and the US$ premium in Accountancy and The International Currency Review. Julian moved to South Africa, where he was appointed a Macro economist for the Electricity Supply Commission, guiding currency decisions on the multi-billion dollar, foreign Loan Portfolio. He then joined Chase Manhattan until moving to the U.K. Merchant Bank, Hill Samuel, in Johannesburg, specializing in gold and fund management. In xxx, he established the Fund Management department of the Board of Executors, which later became part of one of the four, big South African banks. Four years go Julian returned to the "gold world" establishing Gold - Authentic Money. He currently contributes to Global Watch - The Gold Forecaster and the Silver Forecaster.