Sheila Gale

"Inspiration For Your Life With Sheila Gale"

Radio Assisting People in Living Extraordinary Lives! Sheila has been heard on the airways for over 30 years on more then 12 different AM & FM stations playing every music genre from Country to Oldies. She’s been heard from Los Angeles on KMPC AM710 to Monterey, on KWAVE 97FM. Over the past eight years Sheila has become the “Go To” person for Inspirational Talk and New Thought Radio. Hosting guests that include Best Selling Authors like Suzanne Somers, Byron Katie, and from The Secret, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Joe Vitale and John Assaraf. Sheila’s goal is to bring Spiritual, Evolutionary & New Thought to Main Stream America! Sheila’s down to earth style, quick wit and willingness to openly share her candid struggles with depression & addiction LIVE on her show give listeners a presence of “Realness” that is sadly lacking on today’s airwaves, yet still deeply craved by her audience. This courageous and genuine style on-air also creates the perfect catalyst for her on-air guests to bring forth their vital messages. She says, "Not only is this the most difficult and scary time for people to be alive in the history of man, it’s also the most exciting and powerful! The only choices we have are, Evolve or Die.” Sheila is also an Access Consciousness and Access Bars Facilitator, leading classes worldwide.