Karen Pivnick

Karen Pivnick owns Topcat Relocation Transition Solutions. Inspired by her own 7 years of experience of transitioning her parents as they dealt with the emotional and physical challenges of aging, she set up Topcat to meet the needs of seniors’ moves and transitions. Topcat takes care of the details involved with planning, pre-move decisions and organizing, disposition of unwanted content, move logistics and complete set up of the new residence. She’s been principal caregiver for her parents for the past 7 years. Her first-hand experience in helping them through two separate moves to more supportive environments, dealing with their individual crisis situations, navigating the healthcare system and coordinating complex home care support has equipped her to advocate and to take an active role in assisting her clients to move forward. She’s a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging and Relocation Specialist. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and 3 cats.