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Antiqua Libbey

Antiqua Libbey has the experience of living through child abuse, depression, cancer, adrenal failure and Celiac disease. She overcome the obstacles, is thankful today for thriving. Her dedication to excellence, through a spiritual connection to God, and a commitment to lifelong health and fitness, has made her the "Trauma Transformer". Antiqua is an E-RYT 500 Master Yoga teacher, a sports nutritionist, a meditation guru, and has developed her signature program called: The Trinity Approach. This year Antiqua was named one of America's Premier Experts and is leading her worldwide Christian Community to healing and grace through her powerful programs like the Victory in 9 total life makeover, her weekly radio show HUGS (Hearts Uniting Gods Spirit), and through her website Antiqua's goal is to help one hundred thousand Christians let go of their struggles and trauma and let God transform their lives into testimonies of ease and triumph over adversity.