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Dr. Singh

When Dr. Singh, a PhD in Counseling Psychology, acknowledged she is love, her awakened life began. Recently, she discovered that no religion, no hate, and no concern were too great to overturn an act of love. Everyone can embrace the energy frequencies of love and trust and live in a new reality. This total revival is the crystalline light. Dr. Singh is establishing the Crystalline City community where everyone can share love and be love to one another. Dr. Singh offers events and private/group consultations with the spiritual teachers/masters to assist individuals in the ascension of themselves and the Earth. Dr. Singh offers to all a taste of his or her own truth in love. Jesse Chesnutt, an interpreter, is a seeker re-visioning his world and understanding of life, through music, medicine, meditation, channeling and many magical adventures. Jesse assists Dr. Singh with classes and group healings and by sacred sound to help move many into oneness, under the name Consciousness.