Phillip F. Schaeffer

Born in 1926, Phillip F. Schaeffer had a 43-year career in Manhattan as one of the original Mad Men. Besides surviving malaria, dengue fever, infectious hepatitis, crippling osteoarthritis, gout, a serious heart condition, poor eyesight, allergies, skin cancer, diverticulitis, arteriosclerosis, pneumonia and elevated cholesterol, he smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for over 35 years and survived three critical automobile accidents. He has dedicated the past 40 years to research in advanced approaches for health & healing, using his own badly damaged body as a test case, and repairing each of the above illnesses and addictions naturally and without pharmaceutical or surgical intervention, in keeping with the principles presented in his book – Codes for Longevity. Now 85, Phillip is in robust good health, a shining example of what is possible using his advanced knowledge and techniques.