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Nicole Boice

"Nicole has embarked on the journey to help families affected by rare disease based on her personal experience with a family friend, their struggles and challenges over the course of 2 1⁄2 years while working to find a diagnosis for their son. Realizing these families need an outside champion for all rare disease, she believes that ‘power in numbers’ apply to this effort, and works to create collaborations within the entire rare disease community and build greater public awareness for rare disease, which affects over 30 million within the US. In business, Nicole has held numerous consulting, sales and marketing executive roles in her 20 years in business. Nicole has a passion for launching new products, building new organizations and ‘making the impossible possible’. Nicole has worked with world-class organizations within Life Sciences Media as a founding member and Associate Publisher of The Journal of Life Sciences, has also worked in the Life Sciences Venture Capital Community in media, and in the Pharmaceutical and High Tech Sectors. Organizations include Zoomedia, Burrill & Company, Schering Plough, Imagine Media & CMP Media. A Graduate of the University of California San Diego, with a BA in Political Science and formerly enrolled in the masters program at Pepperdine University. Nicole currently resides in Southern California with her husband and two children, enjoying her role as business woman, mother, wife, coach and outdoor enthusiast."