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Dr. Matthew Edlund

"THE REST DOCTOR is Dr. Matthew Edlund, MD, MOH. Dr. Edlund directs the Center for Circadian Medicine, and is an internationally recognized expert on rest, biological clocks, performance, and sleep. His previous books include “The Body Clock Advantage”, “Designed to Last”, and “Psychological Time and Mental Illness.” His new book, “The Power of Rest”, shows that rest is a skill that rebuilds, renews, and rewires mind and body, and can increase productivity, health and pleasure. Dr. Edlund is presently director of the Center for Circadian Medicine, and has worked as an Ivy League medical school professor, syndicated newspaper health columnist, hospital medical director, chief of a sleep lab, and vice president of an Asian Art museum. He trained in internal medicine at University of California, San Diego and Massachusetts General Hospital; in occupational and public health at the Harvard School of Public Health; in sleep medicine at Brown; and in psychiatry at N.Y.U. – Bellevue. He is a graduate of Amherst College, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and from S.U.N.Y. Downstate, cum laude and Alpha Omega Alpha. For more information on Dr. Edlund, visit".