Dr. Lance Levy

Dr. Lance Levy is a Pediatrician and Bariatric Nutrition specialist who, since 1985, has run a multi-disciplinary practice in Toronto treating severely overweight children and adults. His long-term interest in clinical research focuses on finding the treatable causes of weight gain and of weight loss failure in children and adults. His research has already established that untreated mood disorders, chronic pain syndromes, sleep disorders and disorders of impulse control (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD, Binge Eating Disorder and Night-time Eating Syndrome) are primary causes of weight gain, and of an inability to keep weight off after dieting. He’s published peer-reviewed research proving that treating these clinical problems results in sustainable weight loss. He works closely with bariatric surgeons in Toronto assisting patients to obtain the best results both before and after weight loss surgery. drlancelevy@rogers.com