Kim Banting

Kim Banting is a Registered Nutritional Consultant. She graduated from Global College of Natural Medicine with honours and is a member in good standing with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. She began her own business, Flourish, in 2009. Previously, she worked as a personal chef. She was inspired to make a career change while working with a client using a whole-foods diet and an elimination process to target food sensitivities. Witnessing his health improvements over a period of weeks convinced her to return to school and marry her passion for food with optimal wellness. Now she strives to educate her clients about the impact food has on their individual health. She emphasizes that while a particular food may be health-promoting for one person, it may detrimental for another. She believes that it is possible to improve any health condition by choosing the correct food for to suit the person’s biochemical individuality.