Steve Kroschel

Steve Kroschel is a wildlife and nature cinematographer extraordinaire. As well as his own film company, he maintains a wild animal farm in Southern Alaska (Haines) for both educational and cinematographic purposes, caring for bears, wolves, wolverines, caribou, porcupines, and many more. These animals are wild enough to be filmed in wildlife documentaries and feature films, but return to Steve at the end of the day. Caring properly for animals with wildly differing diets, Steve was intrigued by the idea of the Gerson Therapy, and tried it to maintain his own health. After achieving spectacular results, Steve made three stunningly beautiful and moving documentaries about the Therapy that have helped spread its knowledge around the world. Most recently, Steve heard about Earthing on The Power of Natural Healing interview with Clint Ober, and was again inspired by true health benefits. He was so impressed with the technology that he is now in the middle of producing a documentary on Earthing. A renaissance man, but modest to a fault, Steve lives an intense, vigorous outdoor life in the harsh, wild and beautiful environment of Coastal Alaska. Steve’s credits include: Wild America, Seven Years in Tibet, Vertical Limit, Escape from Alaska, Running Free, an appearance on Johnny Carson, and many wildlife documentaries. His special skill is filming avalanches.