Jolin Brandes

Jolin Brandes has a BS in Psychology and Interpersonal Communications. After a near death experience, Jolin was guided into the vibrational healing field where she has expanded clarity of how thoughts and feelings create our physical reality. For nine years, Jolin worked as a Wellness Consultant assisting hundreds of people to create balance and well-being within their physical bodies using an energetic software program called the Quantum Biofeedback. Now she is working with a new amazing software program called the SRC4U (Spiritual Real-Time Correction) that is clearing out even more unconscious patterns. Jolin also conducts free introductory demonstrations by online webinars sharing both a deeper understanding of Qi Gong with hands on experience. Jolin has chosen to consciously be a part of creating our New Earth; one of peace, love, abundance, and well being for all. She shines a light to help you expand your innate ability and to empower you to heal yourself.