Michelle Lipinski

Michelle Muffett-Lipinski, M Ed, is the Founder of the icanhelp(SM) Program and the Founder/Principal of Northshore Recovery High School (NSRH) in Beverly, MA. For 20+ years, she has served in roles as Biology, Health and Chemistry teacher along with leadership and service roles such as Alternative Education Director and Adolescent related Health Advisory Boards. She focuses on developing rigorous academic programs that address the “whole-child”, particularly students most at-risk of academic and social failure. Michelle developed NSRH as a response to the overwhelming amount of students presenting with significant mental health/substance use disorders. NSRHS is a specialized high school designed to meet the diverse academic and emotional needs of adolescents struggling with substance use and its co-occurring disorders. Michelle also started the icanhelp program, operated through Potential Connections LLC, to address the number of students who are unable to connect with a trusted community partner.