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Plessy and Ferguson Foundation

All are founders of The Plessy and Ferguson Foundation and natives of New Orleans: Keith M. Plessy is a bellman at The Marriott hotel. He graduated from the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. A gifted artist, he has painted hundreds of civil rights portraits. Foundation president, Keith tirelessly reaches out to the community. Phoebe Ferguson, after graduating from NYU, returned home to make “Member of the Club”, a film about the rise of New Orleans' Black middle class. She works at the Foundation and shares the importance of documenting stories, the past, and legacy. Keith Weldon Medley is author of “We as Freemen – Plessy v. Ferguson”, and is a recipient of Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities’. His publications include Smithsonian magazine, The Times-Picayune, and Southern Exposure. Brenda Billips Square specializes in African American history, race relations, and is an archivist and librarian. She collects oral histories after Hurricane Katrina, and received a peace award.