Liandra  Dahl

Liandra Dahl

Liandra Dahl: I'm British born but I have lived in Melbourne, Australia since 2002. I first made amateur porn in 2004. I was the hostess for, I also appeared on and primarily for the money KACHING! I was supporting myself through a Bachelor of Arts degree but also to have a hedonistic adventure. As a committed voyeur I love to watch and as a confirmed exhibitionist I also love to show, thus producer/performer was the obvious next step. On 25th December 2010 I started my own adult website I’m queer and I’m attracted to masculine, feminine and androgynous people. I wanted to present my own desires in a more pluralist view of adult sexuality than I had previously experienced. is a website of adult consensual sexuality inclusive of all gender identities and sexualities. I strive for a great deal of creative input from the contributor that reflects what they enjoy doing sexually, their desires and their fantasies.