Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz was President and CEO at Sun Microsystems prior to its acquisition by Oracle. He was also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lighthouse Design, Ltd., a software company platform, ultimately acquired by Sun. He’s one quarter Indian, one quarter Welsh on his mother's side, and one quarter Hungarian, one quarter Russian on his father's side. He holds degrees in mathematics and economics. In 1986, he was nearly killed while riding on the Amtrak Colonial train that crashed in Chase, Maryland. He says the incident had a profound impact on his life. He is now the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CareZone, He developed CareZone, which launched in February 2012, with Walter Smith an Apple and Microsoft veteran. He says CareZone was started for people like him who must simultaneously care for children and parents but find social networking sites to be inappropriate, and insufficiently targeted toward the act of caregiving.