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Bill Handel

Sensei Bill Handel, Vice President for Sales and Marketing for Gerson Health Media. He will be talking about new releases, including the books, “Healing Arthritis: The Gerson Way” and “Healing Diabetes: The Gerson Way” and the new DVD Heal Yourself, Heal the World. Sensei (“Master”) Bill has masterminded an aggressive direct sales campaign in keeping with the goal of getting Gerson Therapy knowledge spread throughout the world. Sensei Bill Handel is a highly skilled and trained mixed martial arts instructor who has had his own martial arts studio for years, as well as being a powerful and skilled marketing and sales manager, having brought several companies from virtual anonymity and hand-to-mouth existence to multi-million-dollar national and international sales levels. He was inspired by his first contact with the Gerson Therapy, when, with minimal effort and no hunger pangs, he and his wife lost a dozen pounds each within two weeks. He has since taken a measure of the opposition’s tactics and taken effective measures to counter them. Bill is an outspoken, sometimes harsh, critic of the current state of medicine, particularly as it relates to chronic disease, having, like so many other Americans, unnecessarily lost several friends and family members to useless and toxic allopathic medical interventions. Listen in for a lively and straightforward discussion.