Shirley Hickman

Shirley Hickman in 2002 co-founded Threads of Life, A Workplace Tragedy Family Support Association. She’s the Executive Director and Family Program Manager. A traumatic workplace tragedy had changed forever her life and her family’s lives. Since then she’s focused on making a difference in workplace health and safety. In 2007 she received the YMCA of London’s Women of Excellence Award for Community Volunteerism and Humanity. In 2008 she became the third recipient of the IAPA-CME Health & Safety Leadership Award, which recognizes outstanding individuals who have contributed to innovation in and advancement of health and safety in the workplace and the community. In 2009, she presented at the International Labour Organization’s World Day for Safety and Health in Geneva, Switzerland, and to the XVIIth World Congress on Health and Safety. Her story has been showcased in the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s campaign for heightened injury prevention.