Shannon O’Hara

Shannon O’Hara is an internationally renowned psychic medium, Access Consciousness facilitator and author of the best selling book "Talk to the Entities." She has been a certified Access Consciousness facilitator for over 10 years and has traveled the world changing people’s lives. Specializing in a class called Talk To The Entities Shannon assists many in changing their fear, discomfort and impotence with the spirit world. A truly gifted facilitator on all topics, time with Shannon is sure to change your life. Have you ever been aware of something you have not been able to explain or just known there was someone there with you? What if you could enhance your own abilities with spirit communication and create more consciousness and ease for both you and the disembodied? Humorously and efficiently Shannon moves people out of the world of confusion and fear and into a totally different world of possibility. Come as you are and leave with a magical world at your finger tips.