Krista  James

Krista James

Krista James is National Director of the Canadian Centre for Elder Law,, and a staff lawyer with the British Columbia Law Institute. Her work involves policy analysis, legal research, law reform, public legal education, and providing advice to government on legal issues impacting older people and family caregivers. She works with people from health care, law, labor, finance and justice. She’s written and spoken on abuse and neglect of older people, financial elder abuse, financial literacy, adult guardianship, mental capacity and family caregiving. She was lead author of the Centre’s study paper, Care/Work: Law Reform to Support Family Caregivers to Balance Paid Work and Unpaid Caregiving. She’s currently developing educational materials for older people and practitioners and volunteers who work with older people. Prior to joining the Centre, she practiced labor law. She’s worked with legal clinics, women’s centers and community organizations serving low-income people.